The synthetic organs that researchers and scientists are striving to create and perfect will propel the world of medicine  forward. Society will benefit greatly from this new technology. People waiting in long lines for years for vital organs won't have to wait anymore. Surgeons can grow certain organs or parts of organs to help with surgical mistakes. People with burns can have new skin, made right from their own cells. The world of medicine as we know it will be revolutionized. 

 Scientists at Work (12)

Surgeon Holding Organ During Transplant (13) 

  Alternatives ]

 In regards to the controversy regarding the use of embryonic stem cells, scientists wanted to find a way to get easily-accessible stem cells without crossing ethical boundaries. During some recent research, American and Japanese scientists teamed together to find an alternative way to get stem cells to research on, without having the burden of society and the guilt of the destruction of embryos to worry about. They found a safe process to remove skin cells, convert them to stem cells, therefore making them ready to use and develop into any other cell. The research is new and the technology won't be around until some time; however, this proves that there are alternative ways that can save the embryos and still promote the research for stem cells and synthetic organs. (18)

 Ethics and Controversy ]

Even though the development of synthetic organs is highly beneficial, the use of stem cells influences the public's opinion on whether or not research should continue. The most controversial topic in this matter is in regards to embryonic stem cell research. Since the labratory-made embryos are destroyed in the process of the removal of the stem cells, people question the ethics of the scientists and vote on a ban on the research.


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